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Join the Maul!

In 1978, the All Blues were founded with the mission to lead, inspire, and develop top athletes and coaches. After four decades of setting the standard for women’s club rugby, we are looking to lead the way on the path to professionalization.


We are raising $78,000 to uphold our legacy and lay the foundation for our future as a professional team. Together, let's break barriers and pave the way for excellence in women's rugby. 

Donate today and be a part of history in the making!

All Blues Rugby maul
Join the Maul

Why now?

The $78,000 allows us to invest in the future while continuing to run our existing 2024 season operations. We are focusing on the pillars of professionalizing our brand, growing our value as a sponsorship partner, and starting an All Blues endowment.

How your funds make an impact

1. Elevating the game-day player and fan experience

Playing in a facility to support entry tickets, concessions, and live-streaming. Providing teams high quality playing fields, locker rooms, and medical staff.

2. Paying league-leading staff salaries

Setting the standard for WPL coach salaries, having dedicated medical support during training, and paying operational staff.


3. Establishing an All Blues endowment

Investing for the future by providing the seed money for an endowment.


4. Hosting high-quality community events and engagement with alumnae

More in-person and virtual events like reunions, watch parties, and non-rugby networking opportunities.


5. Participating in Women’s Elite Rugby (WER), launching in 2025

The first US professional women’s rugby competition will still require the All Blues to support most, if not all, our own non-profit operations and marketing, as well as potentially require a buy-in.

Federal Name and Tax ID

All Blues Rugby is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.
Charitable gifts  should be directed to:

Performing Arts Social Society, Inc. (PASS Inc.)

Federal Tax ID: 23-7103024

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