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Executive Board 2020

Investment and interest in the administration of the team is what will keep us together and able to achieve our goals both on the field and in our community!

Thank you to all of our outgoing Exec Board members! We really appreciate your hard work and dedication. We appreciate you putting in so much work (some of your for YEARS!) to make this team better and for taking the time to train your replacements over these next few months so they can hit the ground running.


Without further ado, congratulations and thank you to incoming board members:

2020 All Blues Executive Committee

President - Bridget DeSantis

Vice President, WPL - Monika Rozkowska

Vice President, D2 - Serena Liu

Vice President, 7s - Maja Wichrowska (NEW)

Secretary - Lisa Kelly

Treasurer - Becca Graff (NEW -well kinda)

Social Chair(s) - Angie Tuakalau (& Jaz Spear) (NEW)

Travel Coordinator - Becca Graff

Equipment Manager(s) - Emily Peinert (& Kat Chasakara) (NEW)

Merchandise Manager - Abby Vogel (NEW)

Field Coordinator - Sam Miller

Fundraising Chairs - Sally Shatford & Tyra Norlander (NEW)

Sponsorship Coordinator - Elena "DC" Clark

Recruitment Chair - Shelby Lin (NEW)

Community Outreach Director - Ceara "8 Foot" Lafferty

Media Director - Maja Wichrowska  (Team: Monica Marquez & Maggie Simpson)

Rookie Coordinators - Tonya Wessman & Roz Okpara (NEW)

Alumnae Coordinators - Alex Boskovich & Katie Chou


Good Teammate Policy

All Blues team members and board members agree to abide by our Good Teammate Policy.



All Blues Executive Committee 2020


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