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CPC Featured Player: Alex Boskovich

Full Name (plus any rugby nickname(s)): Alexandra Marie Boskovich aka Bosko, at one time Alex before there was All Blues Coach Alex Williams...then it became Junior and later Junior Mint (per my request/candy affinity) Hometown: San Jose, CA Position(s) played: Blind side flanker (#6), “Prop” in 7s, one time I played outside center and it was fun as hell! I also have locked and 8-manned too. All Blues since: 2008

Getting Started with Rugby Q: When and how did you first start playing rugby?  What got you into it? I started playing rugby in the fall of 2002 when I arrived at Pitzer College, the best of the Claremont College Consortium. I had been avoiding the swim team workout because I was pretty tired of being alone with my thoughts while not breathing/dying for long. I knew my dad was going to call me to ask how swimming for my college would be so I had to come up with an excuse/replacement fast. Fortunately, the Claremont Colleges Women’s Rugby Team had flyered the bathroom stalls and I found one. I called the recruiting rep—a super nice scientist from Harvey Mudd—and came out to practice and met a bunch of laughing, kick ass women who had never played the sport before. Dad called the next day and I had officially become a rugger. Go Foxes! Q: Did you play any sports prior to rugby? Swimming for my high school. Everyone on that team had been racing since they were 2...except for me. However, it really built up my aerobic base/ability to exercise without oxygen which is quite helpful in rugby. I also played volleyball in elementary/middle school. I am great at cheering. And finally, I ran one track meet in 8th grade. I ran the mile and I was on track to come in second to last until my “best friend” passed me in the last 50 yards….I also enjoy badminton. Q: Do you have a philosophy/mindset when you practice and play rugby?  If so, what is it? Get back up. Rugby is such a testament to that mindset. It’s served me well in all aspects of the game and in life. The mantra of “one more” whether it be an extra sprint, an extra go in a practice drill, or even just a kind word to pep yourself and/or teammates up has been so valuable to me. Opportunity especially in the face of adversity is always there so why not get it? I get made of fun of lot for my love of quotes but allow me to reference one that I think also captures this concept: "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other" -Abraham Lincoln. That’s the spirit of get back up. About your time as an All Blue Q: How did you first find out about the All Blues? Champagne Classic sometime when I was in college. We were accidentally entered into the senior women’s bracket and had to play against legends like the Mitchell sisters, Ashley English and so forth. I experienced firsthand what premier rugby did not include tackles because their running lines were so amazing and we were just dumbfounded. My college coach also wouldn’t shut up about Kathy Flores and Jen Crawford so when the time came to return home a few years later, I knew I needed to test with the best! Q: What do you like most about being on this team? The people. You can win all you want but if you’re not with folks that you can respect and truly celebrate all the glory that comes with rugby and just sport, then what’s the point. I am so fortunate to have taken the field and maybe a round of pub trivia or beer olympics with so many smart, passionate All Blues. All my technical development, and in many ways, personal too, comes from the rugby community, namely the All Blues Rugby community.  Q: In your point of view, how has the team changed throughout the years you’ve played for this team? What things have remained the same?   I look back and can’t believe sometimes that I’ve been with the club for almost a decade.  From what I’ve seen as both a player and former Exec*, is a constant commitment to evolvement in the spirit of pursuing excellence both on and off the field. Certain things have changed like me now being the old goose and the general decreasing average age of the team but it’s been so cool to witness/run after and hopefully catch up with this new amazing group of players and leaders. Their openness and adaptability to shift with the ever-changing rugby landscape in the US is quite impressive. One thing that I have to give a shout out for in terms of change is media. We actually have a presence now! Way to go media team!! Also, GroupMe. That’s been new and fun. #highqualitymemes *Editor: Bosko served as President of the All Blues—POTAB—before Phoebe Boone and current POTAB Bridget DeSantis Development as a player Q: Is there a particular player and/or coach that has influenced your development as a player?  In what way(s) did they help you? Oh, this is super hard because I actually have a long list of folks in my head about who has contributed to my rugby development. It’s “turn on the music”, usher you off the Oscars stage long. If I had to choose, it would have to be Kathy Flores. She really is the woman, the myth, the legend. She not only taught me to be a better player but also brought out a confidence in me that I could carry both on and off the field.  Literally. I remember turning in my player self evaluation and almost every skill section she scored me on included a note that said “ability but no confidence”. Kathy’s honest feedback coupled with clear and simple goals for me to work on really helped me take my game to the next level. And ultimately, she simply gave space to listen to me when I needed it and kept me moving/”out of my head” when it was time. I’m really very honored to call Kathy a mentor and a friend. I also have to give Laura Cabrera a big shout out too. My defensive skills really sharpened playing under the pressure of the 7s games. Laura set the bar high and always inspired me to go for it! Q: What is the best advice you have ever received about playing rugby? “Come play rugby!” It’s really a life changing decision…. Q: As a new mom, how do you balance taking care of Ben, work, [insert other responsibilities here], and playing rugby? Jared. My husband is incredible and fortunately a rugby player so he gets why my involvement with the All Blues is important. Aside from having his support, I’m also lucky to have All Blue teammates/besties—Julie Kieu and Katie Chou—who help watch Ben, offer to grab me groceries when they’re out, give me a ride to the next conditioning workout, cook together, etc. They say it takes a village to raise a child and that is absolutely true. I’m so happy Ben is growing up in this community.  Finally, rugby involves a lot of direct and clear communication. So when a potential work event may come up, I’m definitely more comfortable saying “No, I have other obligations I need to attend to tonight”. Other Fun Stuff Q: Who’s your favorite rugby player/team to watch? Why? I don’t have a favorite but I do really enjoy watching 7s and am pumped about the 7s World Cup being in San Francisco next summer. I prefer Southern Hemisphere style rugby and for some reason the Argentinian National team aka the Pumas are just adorable to me.  But I’ll end with this, watching any of my teammates on a media platform like a live stream or THE OLYMPICS is just incredible and even sometimes emotional #sportsequitynow Q: What is your favorite non-rugby activity? Eating with friends. Q: If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would you be? Fenton’s February seasonal “Chocolate Raspberry” Q: Most memorable thing for which you’ve gone to Kangaroo Court for? Hmmm court, I can’t remember. I’m pretty untouchable. Just kidding. I did receive a team Muilligan award from Coach Alex Williams for tripping over myself super hard in a game against ORSU. I thought no one saw…


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