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CPC Featured Player: Briana (Bean) Riley

Full Name: Briana Riley (Bean)

Hometown: San Diego

Position(s) played: Fullback, Wing

All Blues since: Jan 2018

When and how did you first start playing rugby?

Bean: I started playing rugby at Cal in Spring 2016. I had never touched a rugby ball before, walked on and immediately fell in love with the sport/culture, and the team welcomed me with open arms.

Did you play any sports prior to rugby?

Bean: Surfing, soccer, cross-country, bombing hills on my skateboard

Do you have a philosophy/mindset when you practice and play rugby?

Bean: Pray before I play. And Beastmode.

How did you first find out about the All Blues?

Bean: I heard about the team while I was at Cal

How long have you played for us?

Bean: 1 year

What is one of your best memories thus far as an All Blue?

Bean:Going to New York for 7s Nationals last summer. I love the camaraderie of this team, my whole family is in San Diego, but the All Blues are my family here.

Is there a particular player and/or coach that has influenced your development as a player?

Bean: Player / coach Evan Hoese has taught me a lot since I joined the D2 team last year, influencing my drive for rugby. Irene Gardner has also shown me so much wisdom and been a big influence on my development and my love for the 7’s game.

What is the best advice you have ever received about playing rugby?

Bean: Trust your speed

What skills are you working on/would like to work on right now?

Bean: Body position for rucks, tracking / tackling, slick back line plays

How do you balance work and playing rugby?

Bean: As a mental health counselor for traumatized kids, I have to balance maintaining the energy to keep up with this full-time job that’s emotionally and physically exhausting. Playing rugby is a huge part of my self-care and helps in refreshing my energy day to day.

Who’s your favorite rugby player/team to watch?

Bean: USA, love to watch Kris Thomas fly down the sideline

What is your favorite non-rugby activity?

Bean: Writing music / guitar

If you were an ice cream flavor, which one would you be?

Bean: Mint-chocolate chip

Most memorable thing for which you’ve gone to Kangaroo Court for?

Bean: Farting on the team travel bus

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Bean: Watch out, I’m an identical twin.


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