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Work Out Like a Champion!

I chose this anaerobic workout because we are mid season and should be building towards our peak at Nationals. This workout should get your heart rate up quickly and get you into an anaerobic training zone. It integrates speed, strength, and endurance. Interval style training is extremely applicable to rugby, and like rugby, allows you to really push your limits.

Start with a dynamic warm-up of your choice.

Set out markers 20 m apart

Series 1: 5 sets (no rest in between):

Start on your stomach, sprint 20 m

5 burpees (chest to ground, get up as fast as possible! Jump for height!)

Side shuffle back to start

10 (each side) mountain climbers

Sprint 20 m

Side shuffle (other side, back to start)

Rest 1 minute

Series 2: 10 sets (no rest in between):

Start on your stomach, sprint 20m

15 sit ups (do them as quickly as possible!)

Slow walking lunges back to start (focus on control, keep core tight!)

Rest 1 minute

Repeat Series 1

Rest 1 minute

Repeat Series 2

STRETCH!!! Don’t forget your calves 🙂

Note: For added challenge, complete on a mild hill!

Bonus: Here’s another workout for those moments when you have a second to work on that core!

Quick core workout

60 Flutter kicks

30 V ups (perfect form! As slow as you need to go)

60 sec Superman (hold)

30 (each side) Side crunches

30 (each side) mountain climbers

30 toe touches (legs straight!)

30 (each side) bicycles


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